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Acoustic Accessories

Acoustic Phone Booth BuzziHood

Acoustic Phone Booth BuzziHood, designed by famous designer Alain Gilles, is an acoustic hood that you can hang on the wall to create an acoustic phone booth. If you are…Read More»

Acoustic Phone Booth Silence

Silence Acoustic Phone Booth The Silence Acoustic Phone Booth is a comfortable acoustic phone booth that is made up of sound absorbing polyester foam to provide an internal padding and it covered…Read More»

Acoustic Coat Rack by Gävle

Acoustic Coat Rack by Gävle is a free standing coat rack with rotatable hanging bars in solid birch. The design stands out in a pleasing way and tempt to creative…Read More»

Acoustic Benches and Tables by Gävle

Acoustic Benches and Tables by Gävle is a collection of sound reducing products in the range of Acoustic Benches and Tables by Gävle. The furniture in white stained ash are adapted…Read More»

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